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Seisco SH-05 Micro-Boiler 5kw 17,060 BTU

This unit has been disconnected

Seisco SH-05 Micro-BoilerThis unit has been disconnected

Seisco SH-05 Micro-Boiler 5kw
BTUh Output - 17,060
Breaker 1-30 Amp
Wire Required - 1 pair #10 cu with ground
Current Rating - 21 Amps
2 Chambers
15 lbs
Elements = 2x2500w

Designed for use in residential and commercial hydronic space heating applications including but not limited to, Radiant Floor Heating, Baseboard, and Snow Melt Systems. The Seisco Micro-Boiler is an ideal replacement for traditional boilers and tank heaters. Seisco technology works well with renewable energy systems including geothermal and solar systems. Temperature activated control works effectively in low pressure and re-circulating systems.

• UL 834 Approval Listing for Space Heating Applications

• Works with all PEX tubing and manifold systems

•No minimum flow activation required

•Built-in DSM Utility Integration option

•Compatible with Home Energy Management Systems

•Compatible with all glycols (propylene glycol based antifreeze)

•No moving parts

•Very small & compact

•Light weight modular construction

•No restriction to flow, very low pressure drop

•Standard 3/4 inch Nylon plumbing connections

•Microprocessor unit control

•Power sharing/variable power control technology

•Continuous venting

•No storage needed, heats continuously on demand


•Redundant safety devices

•High performance polymer nylon chamber material

•Rust & corrosion resistant

•Built-in Leak detector

Click Here for SH-05 Specifications and Installation Diagram in PDF Format

Seisco SH-05 Micro-Boiler