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 >> Semi-Assembled Pumping Board WITHOUT Boiler (for SH18-28)
Semi-Assembled Pumping Board WITHOUT Boiler (for SH18-28)

Sorry we are out of stock of this item

Item Number:semiwo18-28

Semi-Assembled W/O Seisco (SH18-SH28) Boiler is the perfect fit for those of you who have purchased your boiler elsewhere. We are sorry that you didn't find us first, however, we are still able to provide you with a pumping board where all you have to do is:

1) Attach heat source to Pumping Board.

2) Hang Pumping Board on the wall.

3) Attach Pumping Board to Supply and Return Manifolds.

This Semi-Assembled Pumping W/O Seisco (SH18-SH28) Boiler is shipped with: Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature and Pressure Gauge, Air Separator, Expansion Tank, System Circulator Pump, Brass Shut-Off Flange Set, Copper Pipe and Fittings, Ball Valve with Fill Port, Thermostat, Transformer/Relay, Unistrut and Unistrut Clamps-ready to attach to wall, Wiring drawings (both low and high voltage), Filling and Purging Instructions.

If, in the event of time of shipment, individual products pictured are unavailable, a substitution of equal or better quality will be shipped.

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Semi-Assembled Pumping Board WITHOUT Boiler (for SH18-28)