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Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC Circulating Pump (Cast Iron)

Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC Circulating Pump (Cast Iron) with rotated flanges

Item Number:3100

The Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC Radiant Heating Circulator (with rotated flanges) is specifically designed for the flow and head requirements of the radiant heating systems you design and install today. This unit’s performance curve delivers flow you can use in a wide combination of tube diameters and lengths of run.

Standard on the Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC is a removable, spring-loaded Integral Flow Check (IFC) that prevents gravity flow and eliminates the need for a separate, in-line check valve.(replaces 00R-MSF2-1IFC and 00R-MSF1-1IFC)

Features include:

Simplified Piping
Reduces Installation Costs
Easily Serviced in the Field
Unmatched Reliability
Maintenance Free
Unique Replaceable Cartridge
Quiet, Efficient Operation
Direct-Drive -- Low Power Consumption
Self Lubricating – No Mechanical Seal
Standard, High-Capacity Output

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Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC Circulating Pump (Cast Iron)